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Posted: August 1, 2012 in Music

AFG Must Rock is in the process of getting a make over.

That’s right, we’re tearing down the walls and starting anew!

Look for our much improved site in September 2012!



I’ve always been a closet Beach Boys fan, even before I worked very closely with their one-time producer and manager, Jack Rieley, several years ago. I’ve always thought that “Good Vibrations” was the best rock song ever written, though I doubt few will agree with me. All I know is that it’s a rainy day in Los Angeles, the week before Christmas, and “Good Vibrations” is just tonic needed to remind us that summer will be back before we know it. Here’s some live footage of the Beach Boys performing “Good Vibrations” during their 1976 tour and of Brian Wilson’s 34th birthday party that same year. And yes, that’s a very young looking Paul McCartney sitting next to him.

AFG Must Rock

Here’s The Swagger Sticks performing as a duo live at the Mr. T’s Bowl holiday show a couple of weeks ago. This is a little gritty…there’s actually two songs here: the newly arranged “Kick It In Reverse” and our new song “Radioactive Kidz.”

We’re working on releasing a 7″ single/digital download of these two songs, probably sometime in February. Thanks Art Villanueva for the footage.

AFG Must Rock!

I’m too lazy to swipe this content off Popmatters.com so here it is, their list of the best electronic music of 2010.

Pop Matters Best of 2010

Let’s Dance

AFG Must Rock!

You know when bands release “b-sides” or “alternative takes” or “lost tracks”? That’s just a nice way of them saying they need money and, since they’ve got some shitty demos lying around, they’re going to try to sell them to you, the loyal super fan.

Well, The Swagger Sticks are doing the same think except in our case, it’s very unlikely that anyone is going to wait in line to buy our $300 box set of rarities and B-sides. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, we are going direct, to you the consumer, and letting you listen to our newest studio recording right here for FREE!!

“Kick It In Reverse” – The Swagger Sticks [Demo]

“Kick It In Reverse” is the first song on our yet-to-be-titled second album. You can also see The Swagger Sticks live this weekend at The War On XMAS Holiday Ball this Saturday, December 4th at Mr. T’s Bowl in Highland Park, CA.

Check out Club AFGMR for details.  

Do They Know It's (War On) Christmas Time At All? (Sat, 12/4/10 @ Mr. T's Bowl)

Fragile Gangs Gone Wild!

Fragile Gang is sharpening their knives ahead of the War On XMAS show this Saturday, December 4th at Mr. T’s Bowl. They’ve got an incredible rhytm section backing up Arlo Klahr and Aisling Cormack, including Sandy Yang, who’s played drums (and sang) with Mike Watt axeman Tom Watson in a couple of his projects, including the legendary art-punk outfit Red Crayola. On bass Fragile Gang will have the incredibly talented Aaron Olson. {Editors note: Tom Watson is one of our favorite guitarists so that means I love Fragile Gang even MORE]. 

AFGMR: What is it that makes a “Fragile Gang” most fragile? Do you think most gangs in LA are afraid of showing their fragile i.e. emotional/artistic sides?

Arlo: A good friend of mine had some thoughts about our name. i just talked to him like a week ago: he had come to the conclusion that a gang, by it’s very nature, is a fragile thing. you think of them as strong and tough. but he said you get in a gang because you need the strength of your friends, for support, protection, strength, to keep you safe, to keep you sane, all those reasons and more. so if each member of the gang has some reason for being in it, for needing each other, then the gang itself is a strong but fragile thing. it can be both.

i think some of what he’s saying is true. think of bands as the same. your friend’s are in the band, you all help each other have a bigger, better, stronger sound than you can have yourself. where you might feel super vulnerable and naked if you were to go out on stage alone with a guitar (or a flute), if you go out with your buddies you can blast the hell out of everything and have support and strength and have a mighty sound. you can be tough and vulnerable at the same time – because you have a big good sound and you’re bandmates, yet you’re also expressing something – your emotional/artistic side like you said in the question.

“It’s Christmas Time!” – Fragile Gang

See Fragile Gang Sat, 12/4 @ Mr. T's Bowl

for the second part of the question, about the la gangs, i don’t know. but i think yes, lots of people are afraid to express stuff, artistic/emotional sides, because it might leave you open…but i also think that almost everyone finds some way to show what they really think and feel, we just might not recognize it when they do….and what comes across as being tough might actually show a lot of vulnerability, feelings of powerlessness, need, fragility, etc..

AFGMR: What is your all-time favorite holiday song and why?

Arlo: i like a lot of christmas songs because maybe because i grew up not celebrating xmas so they weren’t poisoned for me. but weirdly enough i’ve kind of started doing a holiday or xmas song, try to do it every year and that’s the mp3 i’ve sent you because it’s one of my favorite xmas songs. it’s called “it’s christmas time”. put it on the blog! me and my friend ryan (of the band whqles) did it two christmases ago. we were home alone for christmas and we came up with it in about half and hour but i think it has the spirit.

 AFGMR: what are you doing RIGHT now and why? And don’t lie!

Arlo: right now i’m about to eat dinner, it’s 8pm. we’re going to watch a movie. i’m doing it because i like to.

AFGMR! And I’m looking forward to sharing the bill with Fragile Gang THIS Saturday 12/4 at Mr. T’s Bowl. Check out Club AFGMR for more details.

Fragile Gang

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Sad news people. Yes, it’s true. Aaron Steinberg of Captain Danger, the most funkified band in Los Angeles, is entering the Promises Treatment Center in Malibu following the band’s performance at The War On XMAS Holiday Ball this Saturday, December 4th at Mr. T’s Bowl. It turns out that Steinberg, the hunky lead singer and smoldering guitarist, best know for his smash hit “Hollywood Douchebag” has lost the battle to his long-standing addiction to all things Mr. T’s. As of late he has taken to only hanging posters of Mr. T in his bedroom and he has refused to perform anywhere other than Mr. T’s Bowl in Highland Park, CA.

Laurence Tureaud, better know by his stage name, Mr. T, was quoted as saying. “I pity the fool who suffers from this obstractionary obsession with me and with Mr. T’s Bowl. Aaron, get well soon. In the meantime, I’m going to send you DVDs of all the A-Team episodes so you won’t have to be so lonely in the hole with all those damn crack heads!!”

Aaron, we here at AFG Must Rock wish you a speedy recovery following your show this Saturday. Addiction is a heavy burden for any man to carry so, if forget the address to the venue, just click here at Club AFGMR for all the details.

In the meantime, check out Steinberg as he performs his hit “Hollywood Douchebag” on The Green Room with Paul Provenza (and Andy Dick)!


Captain Danger

AFGMR War On XMAS Holiday Ball

We are very, VERY excited to have College Battle Of The Bands impressario, Flula Borg,  hosting Club AFGMR’s War On XMAS Holiday Ball this Saturday, 12/4 at Mr. T’s Bowl with Fragile Gang, The Swagger Sticks, Captain Danger, King Cheetah and Thorcraft Cobra

Click Here For The War On XMAS Holiday Ball Flier!

Flula is beloved by millions (or at least thousands, which is still pretty good if you ask me). He even performed at CMJ in New York. (CMJ stands for College Music Journal for all you non-obsessed music freaks).

Check out this Flula video at CMJ with some “Very dope bands” then imagine that those bands don’t exist. Imagine the only bands in the world that really matter are Fragile Gang, The Swagger Sticks, Captain Danger, King Cheetah and Thorcraft Cobra!

AFG Must Rock (sucka)!

Triple Bordego knows more than you about rocking The Office Bar & Grill in Burbank. They cranked out two hardcore-inspired 45-minute sets last night. It was good to old bandmate Sim as well as CG of  ‘Triple B’. I also got to chat with bass player Tyson about the efficacy of Ampeg bass rigs.  Super Fan Faye and Guff even showed up. Good stuff.

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Triple Bordego on Facebook

AFG Must Rock!

Neon Trees acoustic version of “Animal” on The Occidental Salon.

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Killing Joke Live in Munich…they were so good Nirvana copied them. I’ve never been able to get this song out of my head: “Eighties.” Amazing.

Killing Joke will be at the Wiltern in Los Angeles on December 18th. (Rob, see you there!).

Killing Joke AllMusic Bio


My Favorite band flier of the week…Kitten has two upcoming shows at The Echo on 11/30 & 12/7.


This is from Ewen Spencer’s Book ‘Three’s A Crowd.’

Ewen Spencer

I made my way out to El Cid last night to check out The Rob Z Program with Adam Marsland’s Chaos Band, Silver Needle and Non Ultra Joy (I couldn’t stay for NUJ due to an early work week schedule).

Rob Z’s only got one show left and then he’s hanging up his promoter spurs after ten years to focus on performing live with his various projects, including Z/Schnee and The Bleeding Livers.  Rob Z – we hardly knew ya! Oh, and I just found out Rob has a show on Intraffik Radio. Check out the New, New WRTZ Show!

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Adam Marsland * Silver Needle * Non Ultra Joy * Rob Z Radio Show